CO2 Leaf

The environmental impact of the motor retailing and leasing operations is limited and, where hazardous substances are used, this is closely regulated. Therefore, our focus in terms of environmental management is primarily concentrated on Health and Safety, disposal of waste, recycling, and how we can minimise our impact on the local environment.

Health and Safety

Marshall Motor Holdings’ health and safety policy aims to prevent accidents and ill health by maintaining adequate control of risks arising from all work activities within its businesses. The Group places a high priority on the protection of its employees and its customers and aims to achieve the following:

  • Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment
  • Providing and maintaining safe buildings and equipment
  • Providing training, instruction, information and supervision to all employees in order to enable them to work safely in their environment
  • Ensure the handling and use of substances and dangerous equipment is undertaken not only in accordance with the law, but also safely and securely, taking into consideration any operating safety procedure required
  • Employees are consulted on matters that might affect their health and safety

The Group’s management offers its full support and commitment to all aspects of health and safety and provides funding and regular reviews in order to meet this commitment.

Switch It Off

The Environment

Marshall Motor Holdings aims to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice in our industry

  • The group strives to protect the environment and to minimise any contribution to pollution or land, water and air
  • Waste is managed and disposed of in a responsible manner
  • The group seeks to minimise waste and use recycled material where possible
  • Training is provided in order to ensure that our staff work in a safe environment
  • When acquiring businesses, management considers the impact on, and implications for, the environment and health and safety, reviewing due diligence for pollution, planning etc.
  • Vehicles are regularly serviced and checked in order to minimise the environmental impact and to maximise their fuel efficiency
  • The group ensures that lights and equipment are switching off when not required – Marshall Leaf Project
  • We source and use recycled paper wherever possible
  • The group aims to work with like-minded suppliers who also take steps to minimise their impact on the environment